Kidney Cancer

Kidney Cancer Treatment Specialist In Delhi

KIDNEY cancers are becoming increasingly common due to the widespread use of Ultrasound to diagnose any cause of abdominal pain, fever or even as just a health check up investigation. So most often the tumor is picked up when it is of a small size. However uncommonly the patient presents with a large mass which has spread widely in the body.

The most common cause is a history of smoking or long term use of painkillers. In such a person, the presentation is of a dull flank pain, blood in the urine, occasionally fever, weight loss or weakness.

Most often the test needed is a CT scan of the abdomen. This shows the location of the tumor in the kidney, the blood vessels feeding the tumor, the extent of spread of the tumor and the condition of the other kidney.

Based on this assessment, the treatment needed is usually a partial nephrectomy- ie removal of the tumor itself and sparing the next of the kidney. However if the mass is too large then the total kidney is removed called Radical Nephrectomy. Most often these operation can be done Laparoscopically or with a Robot. (A video demonstrating this operation can be seen in the media section).

If the cancer has become metastatic the patient will be assessed for feasibility of tumor removal in the kidney followed by a course of Chemotherapy or Immunotherapy .